“I never believed a workshop would provide such value”

Liam Page, Head of Marketing and CX at Hotpoint
(total returns in excess of £500k)

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Worth £8,000 of expert resources. Ignite the power of your experience

How Ignition powers digital success?

Throughout the 15 years of our own blood and sweat in pushing the boundaries of digital, we’ve learnt how to both empower people with emotionally driven design and accelerate the commercial growth for organisations

Do any of the challenges below, that we typically identify with our clients, sound familiar?

  • You’re worn out from managing multiple projects and not seeing the desired commercial results
  • There is a misalignment in your company’s internal perception of customers vs their actual needs
  • Your brand & marketing efforts are no longer driving the right level of attraction, engagement or retention
  • Your digital offering is not delivering the value of a connected experience?
  • You have a business roadmap for commercial objectives, but don’t know how to align and prioritise the experience roadmap?

Why it works

We bring an interactive, tried and tested five-point workshop that involves a range of unorthodox techniques in order to align your business objectives with customer needs. Throughout the session, we discover an array of gaps and opportunities that lay the ground for actionable steps to accelerate the growth

  • High-impact business objectives
  • Customer needs assumptions
  • Contextual insight & discovery
  • Experience mapping & evaluation
  • Prioritisation objective alignment

What it does

The Ignition session has no boundaries in delivering the tangible results and growth solutions to the uncovered insight that you can bring back to your team and start implementing in your strategy

  • Define immediate commercial needs
  • Establish objectives roadmap
  • Deliver a clear brief
  • Deliver a prioritised action plan

Why choose Us?

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Guaranteed success and ROI on your investment
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