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Want to boost your eCommerce engine even further?

Kick start your eCommerce Growth Engine by understanding how you can use the power of Emotional Decision Making - to improve your digital customer acquisition.

Did you know that up to 95% of your customers decision making is thought to be emotional? And research suggests that consumers are actually more motivated to act due to their integral emotions (fear and stress making) and incidental emotions (perceptions of branding, trust, aesthetics) - over rational decision making.

We know how to use certain sales cues and triggers to generate the emotional response - but how do we use the latest insights into human psychology, user experience and design to improve your eCommerce results and acquire the right new customers?


At Pomegranate we have spent six years researching and developing our process of Emotional Ignition™ - “harnessing emotions for commercial impact in the digital world”. 

Now you can learn more about the practical application of Emotional Ignition™ methodology, how it is applied in industry and why an understanding of emotions can help you to win, ignite and improve your eCommerce results.

Download the first Chapter of our Playbook to explore:

  • How does emotion affect consumers digital behaviour?
  • What are the most common problems in eCommerce that we see?
  • What practical Emotional Ignition processes and steps should you be taking?

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