5 Keys to Repeat Business

Unpack Customer loyalty before it's too late

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Pomegranate webinar series


Part I: Customer Acquisition 

Part II: Customer Engagement 



“They may forget what you say but they will not forget how you made them feel”... Maya Angelou


Businesses should fear the customer. 

Customers are key to us; losing money, losing customers, being disrupted, looking stupid or ignorant, being naive or worse, slipping behind. They can hurt us with a bad review and shift away to shiny new brands unsullied by history and expectation. 


Businesses need to take control of the brand-customer relationship. 


In the final episode of this series on proactive business solutions, we explored the real differences between, customer retention and loyalty and how you need to prepare for the dynamic changes in customer behaviour.


You will learn: 

  • what’s at stake between customer loyalty and retention
  • how to stop disruptor brands luring your loyal customers away
  • who are the current winners in the loyalty arena
  • how to get started building your customer loyalty model
  • the science behind how emotion triggers loyalty

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Your Hosts

Duncan Thomas,
Founder at Pomegranate Media Ltd

Duncan has been involved in digital strategy and experience design for over 20 years.  He emerged from the world of brand planning to found Pomegranate after realising the fundamental issues that were hampering brands' success in the digital world.

Duncan has been pioneering the concept of emotional and behavioural application into design thinking for over 5 years. His epiphany began with an intensive immersion into applied game mechanics which progressed to his partnership with the likes of Bristol Uni's Experimental Psychology Dept and the National Physical Laboratory.

Andrew Armour,
Managing Director at Benchstone Ltd

Andrew leads Professional Development programmes at Pomegranate. His career spans client and agency side marketing and management and innovation, across digital media, music, television and film, working for companies such as Yell.com, TVNZ, PRS For Music and Walt Disney.

Andrew has also led and run marketing education workshops and business programmes at; BIMM London, University of Winchester, Henley Business School, Academy of Contemporary Music and Krems Danube Universitat (Vienna).

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