Watch Now: How will you boost customer engagement in 2020?

Triple customers lifetime value by making them heroes of their stories

“75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.”

Customer Engagement Webinar



In part II of Emotional Ignition webinar series, Shopware and Pomegranate shared the eCommerce insights and engagement strategies learnt from working with top-performing brands like Loreal, Bimuno, Lego, Hotpoint, M&M and Mars.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key initiatives to eCommerce performance  in 2020
  • The five biggest problems sellers face online
  • Differentiating your brand with smarter insights and behavioural segmentation 
  • Key to marketing success through emotions and attitudes
  • Building better engagement:  your customer is the hero


eCommerce Ignition Assessment?



A free assessment is waiting for you. As mentioned, we've crafted these 5-point tailored sessions to uncover gaps, identify commercial opportunities and define a structured objectives roadmap to your digital success. Book an introductory call and learn how you can benefit from eCommerce Ignition.



Here's what you get:

  • Complete analysis of your eCommerce ecosystem
  • Digital mapping and evaluation of your digital experience
  • Assessing your companies brand proposition and competitive positioning
  • Aligning business needs with customer needs
  • UX audit and recommendations

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